Catalogue 2014 - 2015

EE 430 VLSI Design


3 cr.


Pre- or corequisite EE 320.

Course Description

This is a course in VLSI design fundamentals. After successfully completing this course, students are familiar with two suites of CAD tools (Electric, an IC layout tool, and lCAPS, a circuit simulator) used in VLSI design, are familiar with process technology (MOS1S in this case), know the IC design process (including layout constraints), know how to model electronic device behavior as a function of layout geometry, know how to apply layout information to simulation models, know how to design and layout basic digital logic gates, are familiar with the layout and operation of analog systems (in particular, the operational amplifier), and be aware of the problems associated with mixed-mode IC design. The methods of assessing student learning in this course are homework assignments, quizzes, classroom discussions, design projects, a research project, and a final exam.