Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ED 425 Elementary Education Topics


3 cr.


Senior standing, acceptance in the Elementary Education Program, ED 301, PSY 201, PSY 304, ED 350, and ED 375.

Course Description

This is an investigation of instructional strategies for teaching the arts, health, physical education, and technology for grades 1-6, using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. As a result of taking this course, students are able to identify curriculum models and instructional materials for these content areas; they design and demonstrate appropriate lesson plans. Students also design strategies for addressing the needs of special education students and strategies for the general management and organization of the elementary classroom. An important component in the course is a pre-practicum fieldwork experience undertaken at a local elementary school. Student performance is assessed by written assignments, lesson plans, 25 hours of pre-practicum fieldwork at a local elementary school, and a fieldwork journal.


This course is a prerequisite.