Catalogue 2014 - 2015

CJ 347 Police Internal Investigation


3 cr.


CJ 101, any 200-level course, and junior standing.

Course Description

This course presents students with the current principles and expertise whereby the police investigate themselves. It provides a thorough understanding of the internal investigative function together with an appreciation of different department methods, policies, present laws, and recommended procedures utilized by present administrations. The course addresses the handling of complaints of police misconduct by the public, discoveries of misconduct, investigation and disposition by administrative action, discipline, dismissal, review board action, civil suit, and criminal prosecution. It examines current strategies in the challenging area of self-investigation, the daily operations of the internal affairs unit, the problems of secrecy, security, and unit morale, and the crucial issue of public trust. The course begins with a review of the evolution of police professionalism, problems of police corruption, and then considers current response. Students are given a problem of misconduct and are required to design and conduct an internal investigation and present findings in compliance with appropriate legal procedures and administrative requirements.