Catalogue 2014 - 2015

CJ 302 Women and the Criminal Justice System


3 cr.


CJ 101 and SO 101 and any 200 CJ level course or permission of instructor. Junior or senior standing.

Course Description

This course will scrutinize the various roles that women experience with the criminal justice system. Confronting the misconception that female criminal behavior is a less serious problem than male criminal behavior; students will study phenomena of female offenders with an emphasis on examining gender specific programs to address the issue. At great cost to the individual and to society, violence against women has reached epidemic proportions and will be examined specifically. Employment availability and relative success will be contrasted with workplace issues specific to women; the working woman employed by the criminal justice system in law enforcement, the courts, and corrections will be considered. Students will learn that today's role of women and crime is poorly defined and rarely definitive.