Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ME 626 Applications of Advanced Fluid Mechanics


3 cr.


ME 303, ME 316, and graduate standing.

Course Description

This course covers a practical, hands on approach to applying complex fluid dynamic principles to solving real life problems, and to the development of new and novel products. Classical theory from Kuchemann, Prandtl, Schlichting, and Shapiro are used to introduce fluid concepts, fluid flow, vorticity, boundary layers, vortex motion, lift forces, and acoustic waves. These concepts are combined using potential flow, control volume analyses, and conservation principles to solve real life engineering problems. Discussions and engineering problem solving sessions will be an integral part of the classroom learning experience. Applications discussed will include throwing a curve ball, using wing surfaces as a means to gain mechanical advantage, using ejectors as thrust augmentors, and using torroidal vortices as self propelling fluid carriers. Case studies will include a Sikorsky UAV, Stage III Technologies ALMEC exhaust noise suppressor, and FloDesign's RAP nozzle. The methods of assessing students include homework, quizzes, examinations, classroom discussions, a design project, and a final exam.