Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ME 620 Applied Mechanical Design


3 cr.


ME 425 or equivalent or permission of instructor.

Course Description

This graduate level course is offered to engineering graduate students who have taken an undergraduate course in machine design. The course is conducted entirely off campus using the Internet and conference calling as the primary modes of delivery. The course is designed to build on concepts introduced in a senior level undergraduate machine design course and utilizes a series of design projects which apply the design theory presented in class. Topics include theories of static and fatigue failure; statistical techniques used to predict component reliability; extension, compression, and torsion spring design for static and fatigue loading; roller contact bearings and lubrication; clutches and brakes; and flexible drive systems. Design of complex components and assemblies, and the development of engineering product specifications is introduced, and the impacts of social, economic, and material constraints on the design process are also considered. The methods of assessing students include a midterm and a final examination, and a number of machine design projects. A substantial final design project will be required by all students. Students will use advanced design principles to design and build a scale model which will be tested for performance. Testing of the model will be captured using avi files which will be submitted via Kodiak.