Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ED 564 Applying Inquiry Tools: Using Data to Better Practice


1 cr.

Course Description

In this course educators will take part in a year-long Teachers' Collaborative forum at The Teachers' Loft, a learning community opportunity central to their emerging professional induction experience. Using a more typical class meeting format alternately with contemporary instructional and discussion tools (Blackboard, wikis, blogs, etc), students will examine and utilize a range of data, over the course of the academic year to inform the direction of their own professional inquiry. A range of diverse data sources will be included, including teachers own records and knowledge making, and how the data inform teaching practice will be made explicit. Each educator will establish an inquiry question, area of focus and pursue this line of inquiry throughout the entire academic year. Educators will act as peer responders, reviewers, and be responsible for not only completing but presenting their inquiry work as the capstone of the course.