Catalogue 2013 - 2014

ME 322 Manufacturing Processes


3 cr.


ME 309 or BME 340 or permission of instructor.

Course Description

This is an introductory course that introduces the fundamentals of a variety of manufacturing processes. Students will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of manufacturing processes and materials selection while receiving an introduction to the language of manufacturing. The student will learn to design, analyze, and control each manufacturing process, and quantify its capabilities, typical applications and its advantages and limitations. The topics highlighted in this course are: material selection, metrology, and quality control, casting, forming, material removal, joining, heat treating, and the integration of these techniques into a manufacturing system. The course is presented in a series of classroom lectures, selected videos, case studies, and laboratory experiments which provide students with hands on manufacturing experience. Each student will be assessed by their performance on quizzes, exams, homework assignments, and applications of the learned principles to case studies and laboratory experiments.