Catalogue 2013 - 2014

HONB 214 Financial Assessment of Risk, Return and Valuation


3 cr.


MATH 111 & MATH 112, or MATH 115 & MATH 116, or MATH 123 & MATH 124, and AC 201 or concurrent, and acceptance into the Honors Program or consent of the Business Honors Coordinator.

Course Description

This course provides the business student with an understanding of financial management, financial markets, and investments.   As the honors equivalent of FIN 214, this course is more demanding for the student in the depth of the material covered, significant use of real world financial information, and the pace at which topics are covered.  Students will use critical thinking in the research of financial data, and utilize this data to assess risk and valuation.  Topics include introduction to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, time value of money, valuation of securities and projects, financial statement analysis, and working capital management.


May not take HONB 214 and FIN 214 for credit. 


in fall only.