Catalogue 2013 - 2014

Student Schedules, Registration, and Adding or Dropping Courses

In order to register for classes, the student typically meets with a faculty advisor to discuss the student’s selection of courses. Consultation with a faculty advisor is required to initiate the course registration process. If the advisor is not available, students may seek consultation with the corresponding assistant dean. First year students may also consult with the Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition.

Once registration has been completed, students are expected to consult with the advisor (or Dean’s Office if advisor is not available) before any additions, deletions, or changes can be made in the student’s schedule. All changes must be reviewed by the advisor or dean. Changes also need to comply with established deadlines to add and/or drop a course. Instructor approval must also be obtained to add a class after it has met for the equivalent of one week.

For any change of schedule to be valid (after the first week of classes), including course withdrawals, the student must submit a schedule change form to Student Administrative Services (SAS). Absence from class or notifying the instructor without completing the drop form does not constitute withdrawal from a course.