Catalogue 2012 - 2013

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean Saeed Ghahramani

Associate Dean Ann Kizanis

Assistant Dean Alfred T. Ingham IV

Assistant Dean Karl Martini

Programs of Study

The College of Arts and Sciences has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide academic major and minor programs within the College as career preparation and as concentrations in the various fields of the liberal arts.
  2. To provide the courses that satisfy General University requirements in keeping with the founding purpose of the College and consistent with the ongoing role of Arts and Sciences and the academic expertise of the faculty.
  3. To provide required courses for its own majors and minors, foundation courses for majors in the Business and Engineering Colleges, and elective courses for the enrichment of students across the University.

In this way the College of Arts and Sciences fulfills its educational purpose in accordance with the mission statement of Western New England University. This Mission Statement calls for integrated professional and liberal education. Arts and Sciences contribute to that mission through providing major programs, General University courses, and service and elective offerings.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses and programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in economics, communication, English, Law and Society, philosophy, political science, history, creative writing, international studies, liberal studies, psychology, or sociology; a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in biology, chemistry, computer science, criminal justice, forensic biology, forensic chemistry, health sciences, information technology, mathematics, neuroscience, or psychology; and a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Majors in elementary and secondary education are approved by the Massachusetts Board of Education and lead to teacher certifications. Also offered is an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a Master of Science in Policing.

To graduate, students must complete at least 122 semester hours in academic courses. Students must complete the requirements of a major program, the General University requirements, and certain area requirements. The balance of the academic program is composed of electives, which are courses chosen entirely by the student, with guidance from an advisor.

Most students attempt to complete the General University requirements during their first two years in college. Such planning provides added flexibility during the junior and senior years, enabling students to concentrate on major programs or to participate in internships or off-campus programs such as the Washington Semester, or New England Center for Children Internship Program, or study abroad.


The course work for a degree may include one or more of the minors offered by the University. A minor may not be completed in the same discipline as the major. Descriptions of the requirements for the minors are listed on p. 170. Students wishing to take a minor must complete a form in the Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, no later than the beginning of the final semester.

Department Chairs and Faculty

Department of Communication

Associate Professor Douglas Battema, Chair

Professor Jean-Marie Higiro

Associate Professor Hsiu-Jung "Mindy" Chang

Assistant Professor Heather Ferrara

Professional Educator Brenda Garton

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Associate Professor Heidi Ellis, Chair

Professors Lisa Hansen, Leh-Sheng Tang

Associate Professor Herman Lee Jackson II

Professional Educator John Willemain

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Associate Professor Denise Kindschi Gosselin, Chair

Professor John Claffey

Associate Professors Frank Gallo, Alfred Ingham, Michaela Simpson

Assistant Professors Hasan Arslan, Laura Hansen

Department of Economics

Professor Herbert Eskot, Chair

Professor Arthur Schiller Casimir

Associate Professors Anita Dancs, Karl Petrick

Assistant Professor Ranganath Murthy

Department of Education

Associate Professor Deb Patterson, Chair

Professor Robert Klein

Associate Professor Molly Munkatchy

Department of English

Professor Winthrop Rhodes, Chair

Professors Janet Bowdan, Brad Sullivan

Associate Professors Pearl Abraham, Josie Brown-Rose, William Grohe, Edward Wesp, Delmar Wilcox, Jeffrey Yu

Assistant Professors Lisa Drnec-Kerr, Kelly Klingensmith

Professional Educators Linda J. Oleksak, Louise Pelletier, Stephanie Wardrop

Department of History and Political Science

Professor Marc Dawson, Chair

Professors John Anzalotti, John Seung-Ho Baick, William Mandel, Theodore South, Leonard T. Vercellotti, Donald Williams, Vladimir Wozniuk

Associate Professors Meri Clark, Jonathan Beagle, Peter Fairman, Catherine Plum

Assistant Professor Alexander Rosas

Department of Humanities

Professor Emmett Barcalow, Chair

Professors Glen Ebisch, Martha Garabedian, Burton Porter

Assistant Professors Hillary Bucs, Heather Salazar, Ellen Gilson Voth

Department of Mathematics

Professor Dennis Luciano, Chair

Professors Jennifer Beineke, Saeed Ghahramani, Lorna Hanes, Lisa Hansen, Ann Kizanis, Richard Pelosi

Associate Professors Enam Hoq, Thomas Hull, David Mazur, Caleb M. Shor

Assistant Professor Eric Clark

Professional Educators Pam Omer, John Willemain

Department of Neuroscience

Professor Sheralee Tershner, Chair

Assistant Professor Jacob Krans

Department of Physical and Biological Sciences

Professor Lorraine Sartori, Chair

Professors Anne Poirot, David Savickas

Associate Professors Daniel Hatten, Dawn E. Holmes, William Macanka, Karl Martini, Alexander Wurm

Assistant Professors John Drawec, Anna Klimes, Kathryn Lipson, Sean McClintock, Suzanna C. Milheiro, Jessica Rocheleau, Burt Rosenman, Isaac Stayton, Shubha Tewari

Professional Educator Karl Sternberg

Department of Psychology

Professor Dennis Kolodziejski, Chair

Professors Chris Hakala, Gregory Hanley, Denine Northrup

Associate Professors Jessica Carlson, Ava Kleinmann, Dongxiao Qin, Jason Seacat, Rachel Thompson

Assistant Professor Amanda Karsten

Department of Social Work

Professor Jeff Schrenzel, Chair

Professor Sara Weinberger

Professional Educator Paula Nieman