Catalogue 2012 - 2013

ME 435 Mechanical Laboratory III


2 cr.


ME 314; ME 311 or concurrently; ME 417 or concurrently; and senior standing.

Course Description

This is the last course in a three-course laboratory sequence. The experimental methodology and communication skills developed in ME 313 and ME 314 are reinforced and the engineering team approach is also used throughout the course. Each student, as a member of a team, experiences four distinct activities: the first is a Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (G,D&T) exercise; the second is a vibrations analysis; the third is in energy systems analysis; and, the fourth is an interdisciplinary team design project where team members work on a semester-long project under the guidance of a faculty project advisory committee. Technical writing and presentation skills are honed in preparation for the senior design project capstone course. The assessment is based upon the quality of both the writing and engineering content of the written reports, the oral presentation, and a laboratory final exam. One class hour, one three hour lab.