Catalogue 2012 - 2013

ME 410 Advanced Mechanical Engineering Application Techniques


3 cr.


MATH 350; ME 208; ME 316 or concurrently; ME 320 or concurrently.

Course Description

This course is a study of the development and application of advanced solution techniques to engineering problems. The course includes the linearization, and/or solution of key differential equations in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and the thermal sciences. Solution procedures studied include the use of finite difference approximations, linear algebra, Laplace transforms, complex functions, conformal mapping, and advanced calculus. Engineering applications include fluid dynamic flowfield predictions (CFD), approximation techniques for stress and vibration in mechanical systems, and an introduction to analysis of mechanical engineering control systems. An individual written report analyzing an aspect of an application technique is required. The methods of assessing students include homework assignments, quizzes, examinations, projects, and a final exam.