Catalogue 2012 - 2013

LA 278 Guided Research Strategies for Thesis and Project Writers


1 cr.


Recommended for sophomores and above. Target audience is sophomores working on faculty research, first semester seniors, and second semester juniors who will be completing a senior thesis, capstone project, or an independent research project. May be repeated once for credit.

Course Description

This course will guide students through what can be a daunting and confusing process of information research for thesis or in-depth project writers. Although students will explore information research as a process or journey, the path itself is not always linear or obvious. Building on the basic introduction to information literacy from first year seminar and required English classes, this class extends students information research skills to more advanced, discipline specific techniques and tools necessary for their thesis or project. Student researchers will learn to navigate the many phases of the research process to discover, access, and use quality discipline specific academic sources to inform their research. Beginning with their own thesis or project topic students will produce a rich map of their research findings as sources for their reading and knowledge base. Among many steps in the research journey students will learn about forming research questions or problems, developing strategies for discovering authoritative information sources, and managing those resources for effective and ethical use to produce quality work. Students will have ample time for hands-on research pertinent to their thesis or project, with immediate guidance and feedback. This course will meet in a computer lab. Students are encouraged to have a research topic before beginning this course.


in the spring.