Catalogue 2012 - 2013

ENGL 132 English Composition I: College Reading and Writing


3 cr.

Course Description

This is a standard course in the techniques of essay reading and academic writing. The purposes of the course are to develop skill in reading prose nonfiction from a variety of disciplines, to develop skill in writing accurate and effective informative prose on a variety of subjects, using a variety of techniques, to develop sensitivity to language and writing, to understand conventions of citation and documentation, and to develop critical judgment of one's own writing and that of others. Particular attention is given to the importance of thesis, evidence, audience, and thoughtful revision. Students who are discovered to have marked deficiency in grammar, mechanics, and usage take, on recommendation, a concurrent lab in writing fundamentals, LA 150, that is linked to certain sections of ENGL 132 to raise them to a level of competence adequate to complete this course successfully. Not open to students who have completed an ENGL 140-level course.


This course is a prerequisite. Laboratory fees $25.