Catalogue 2012 - 2013

CJ 345 Stress Reaction and Management of Police Personnel


3 cr.


CJ 101, any 200-level course, and junior standing.

Course Description

The focus of this course is upon the stress that is inherent in police work, which results not only from the danger involved, but from bureaucratic frustration and public pressure and how police management at each level of command can anticipate, identify, and respond to stress. The course examines in-depth the known effects of traumatic job-related experiences as well as the strains resulting from the ordinary demands of the job both on the street, in the office, and in the family. Students then examine the consequences of stress both on the individual and the organization such as job and unit performance, its effect on appropriate police behavior, police corruption, brutality, inappropriate treatment of the public, and its effect on the various career stages, early and advanced. The course develops stress intervention models tailored to the various command levels. Students are required to examine their own methods of coping with stress and are encouraged to assess its effect on their own career plans.