Catalogue 2012 - 2013

Midyear and Final Examinations

Midyear examinations are given at the discretion of the faculty member teaching the course. The normal pattern is that final examinations are given in all courses in accordance with a schedule published by the Academic Schedule Office. In case an instructor decides not to give a final examination, the instructor must inform the college’s Dean.

Final examinations must be given on the date and at the time scheduled by the Academic Schedule Office unless other arrangements have been approved by the college’s dean and forwarded to the Academic Schedule Office. Under no circumstances are final examinations to be administered during the final week of classes. Further, during the last week of classes hour examinations are permitted only in those courses where there is a final examination, semester paper, or semester project requirement due the week of final examinations. The chair of each department is responsible for the adherence of the latter policy by all members of the department. In addition, no examinations or quizzes shall be administered the last day of classes (if it falls on Monday) or on the last two scheduled days of classes (if the last day of classes falls on Tuesday or thereafter). This policy does not in any way relieve the student of responsibility for material covered in the last days of classes.

The faculty member in each course in which students are enrolled determines the value and weight of a final examination. All final examinations are given at the end of the semester according to a predetermined schedule. The anticipated schedule is normally published at the beginning of each semester. Students should note the exam schedule when arranging travel plans for departure at the end of the semester.

When preparing the exam schedule, every attempt is made to avoid scheduling more than two exams for each student in any given day. Should this situation occur, however, the Faculty Senate has adopted a policy to assist students in managing the conflict. In the case of a student who is scheduled for three final examinations on one day, the examination in the middle time is expected to be rescheduled at the convenience of both the student and the faculty member. The student must give notice to the faculty member of the middle exam no later than 10 days prior to the start of the examination period for that semester.

There are two exceptions, however, to the middle exam solution. The first is that if the student can move any of the three examinations to the examination for another section of the same course taught by the same instructor, he or she must make that request of the faculty member if the move does not cause another conflict. The second exception is that if the middle examination is a common examination (multiple sections of the course all taking the same exam), one of the other two remaining exams will be rescheduled by joint agreement between the two faculty members. The student should make the conflict known to both faculty involved. If an agreement cannot be reached, a decision will be jointly made by the Deans of the Colleges in which these two courses are housed.

The final exam schedule is posted on the Academic Schedule Office’s website, and ASAP.