Catalogue 2012 - 2013

Writing Proficiency

In the belief that clear writing is not only central to academic success but also the single most important indicator of professional achievement, the University encourages students to think clearly and to discipline their self-expression. In every course, regardless of the student’s major, professors expect students to demonstrate in clear and effective writing that they have assimilated the information and ideas presented. A portion of the grade in each course is determined by performance in written work.

To achieve this goal, the Writing and Reading Program and the Department of English have formed the writing and reading collaborative that determines standards for clear writing and has authorized the use of common handbooks across the curriculum. The Writing and Reading Program starts in the first year with the two 100 level courses in English writing and reading that are General University Requirements. (A detailed description of the writing requirements appears in the English course descriptions on p. 249). The program continues in the sophomore, junior, and senior years with writing requirements specified by the student’s major.

In support of this program the University has a Writing Center and offers tutoring services. The Center is equipped with two computer classrooms as well as print resources and a webpage. Trained peer tutors work with students at all ability levels in all phases of the writing process. Students may work on writing assignments in any course from across the curriculum, design individualized improvement programs, or work on personal writing projects.