Catalogue 2012 - 2013

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental

Pre-medical and pre-dental students are not restricted to specified major areas of concentration but are encouraged to select a major that is most consistent with their interests and that offers as many alternatives for postgraduate study or employment as possible. Students in Arts and Sciences, Business, and Engineering are able to pursue a pre-med program. Students should consult with their deans in selection of appropriate courses.

The suggested sequence of courses: BI0 107,108, 117,118; CHEM 105, 106, 209, 210, 219, 220; PHYS 133, 134; MATH 133, 134; one year of a modern foreign language. As early as possible, all pre-medical and pre-dental students should consult the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences who will arrange for proper advising prior to the selection of courses.

The recommended course sequence is designed to meet the requirements for entrance into most American medical and dental schools. The student is cautioned, however, that admission to such schools is highly competitive.