Catalogue 2021 - 2022

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to satisfy the General University Requirements. All students majoring within the College of Arts and Sciences must also fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least 120 credit hours of courses in order to graduate.
    Note: No more than 15 credit hours of ROTC courses may be counted within this 120;
  2. Complete the requirements for a major;
  3. Complete at least 7 Perspectives of Understanding courses, including two natural science courses and one course from each of the remaining five Perspectives of Understanding;;
  4. Writing Intensive Requirement (WIC)

    Complete at least six additional credit hours in courses designated as “Writing Intensive,” one at the 200- or 300-level and one at the 300- or 400-level.  Courses designated as Writing Intensive can also fulfill other requirements, including General University Requirements and requirements for specific majors.  All Writing Intensive courses are approved by the Department of English; and
  5. Complete at least 30 credit hours in advanced courses (numbered 300-400) that may include those in the major and other areas, or complete the requirements for a major and a minor.
    No ROTC courses may count as advanced courses.

Nonbusiness majors can apply no more than 25% of business coursework to their graduation requirement.