Catalogue 2021 - 2022

CPE 450 Topics in Compiler Design Theory


3 cr.


CPE 310 and ENGR 105/HONE 105

Course Description

This is a course in the theory and design of modern programming languages. Students learn the basic elements of a language translator (compiler); lexical analysis, parsing, code generation, symbol table management, type checking, scope resolution, code optimization, and error recovery. They also learn to write regular expressions and context free grammars and understand the separate phases of compilation and the issues involved in designing a medium sized translator. To facilitate student understanding, a semester-long, incremental design project is employed. As a result of building their own compiler, students learn the operation and messages presented by any modern commercial translator. The methods of assessing student learning in the course are homework assignments, quizzes, an exam, a research paper, and a semester long design project that culminates in a formal presentation.


Formerly "Design And Analysis Of Algorithems"