Catalogue 2021 - 2022

BIO 158 Microbes and Society


3 cr.


BIO 101 or BIO 103 or BIO 107/BIO 117

Course Description

Intended for non-majors, this course covers some of the basic concepts of microbiology with an emphasis on the role microbiology plays in today’s society. Recognition of different classes of microbes, understanding the places in day-to-day existence where microbes exist, and understanding how microbes have had a significant impact in history are emphasized. Microbes in industry, the environment, the human microbiome, and current, real-world applications of genetic engineering and biotechnology will be discussed. Classes will consist of lecture, group work and activities, and student presentations. An oral presentation and a written paper on a topic of interest are required.


BIO 101 or BIO 103 or BIO 107/BIO 117 followed by this course, would fulfill the GUR requirement for the Natural Science Perspective (NSP).

This is a one semester course without a lab.