Catalogue 2020 - 2021

Master of Arts in English for Teachers


The Master of Arts in English for Teachers degree program is designed primarily for middle school and secondary school teachers who have an initial license and need a master’s degree for final, professional licensure, who want Professional Development Points, or who are interested in continuing their study of English. English majors who have graduated from college but who have not completed the requirements necessary for initial licensure, current teachers who do not have an initial license, and professionals who have decided on a career change may also be interested in the program. (In order to become qualified teachers, in addition to establishing English competencies, these students, on their own, must take certification tests, fulfill state requirements, and complete a practicum.) The program is designed to be inspiring, engaging, and challenging. By emphasizing the breadth and depth of subject matter, it deepens passion for the language arts and literature.

Competency areas

The program stresses four competency areas: writing, speaking, reading/studying literature, and contemporary issues in the teaching of English.


  • Becoming a more accomplished writer, including learning how to present a topic in a variety of forms, to specialized audiences
  • Learning how to do intensive research, both online and in the library and demonstrating proficiency in the use of standard reference materials and journals
  • Mastering the grammar, mechanics, and rhetoric of English


  • Advancing oral presentation skills

Reading/studying literature

  • Understanding the hierarchy of skills involved in the reading process, with emphasis on critical analysis of literary works, emphasizing the assessing of needs and the approaches for remedies
  • Becoming conversant with literary figures/schools/eras in British and American literature within historical and cultural context
  • Becoming conversant with literary terminology, including characteristics of genres
  • Becoming aware of different schools of literary criticism

Contemporary Issues in English

  • Knowing the socio-cultural issues related to the English language
  • Developing awareness of contrastive rhetoric
  • Using technology to teach English
  • Establishing connections between English and other disciplines

Degree Requirements

Array of Courses

Students choose 9 courses from among the courses below in addition to the ENGL 570 Capstone Seminar.

MAET 552Advanced Grammar

3 cr.

MAET 553Teaching Writing in the English Curriculum

3 cr.

MAET 554Teaching English in the Multicultural Classroom

3 cr.

MAET 556The Reading Process in the English Curriculum

3 cr.

MAET 560Literary Studies- Shakespeare and The Elizabethan Age

3 cr.

MAET 561Literary Studies- Poetry

3 cr.

MAET 563Literary Studies- Genres

3 cr.

MAET 564Literary Studies- Cultural-Literary Connections

3 cr.

MAET 565Literary Studies- Great Works of American Literature

3 cr.

MAET 566Literary Studies- Modern American Literature

3 cr.

MAET 570Capstone Project

3 cr.

MAET 590-596Special Topics in MAET

1-3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:30

All courses have connection to the Frameworks and are determined by the backgrounds of the students enrolled in the program.


  • The program is designed for part-time participation; all courses are offered in the late afternoon/early evening.
  • To complete the program, a student must take 10 courses, 30 credit hours, at least seven of which must be English courses and at most three of which can be education courses.
  • The program uses the 11-week term calendar to include two courses per semester, summers included, with courses sequenced to run every two years/every three summers.