Catalogue 2017 - 2018

Pharmaceutical Business Major

General Information

The Pharmaceutical Business curriculum at Western New England University focuses on both business and science to provide a well-rounded education. It combines key elements of the pharmaceutical sciences with knowledge about how the industry operates. The Pharmaceutical Business major integrates the fields of pharmacy, healthcare and business, while delivering a firm foundation in the sciences. Students majoring in pharmaceutical business develop a knowledge base to prepare them for entry into the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical diagnostic device industries.

Career Preparation

In order to help Pharmaceutical Business majors understand careers available to them, faculty design assignments and class projects to guide students from career exploration through career implementation. Examples of some of these include:

  1. Career Exploration in the freshman year occurs in a First Year Seminar course where students are introduced to business career opportunities;
  2. Career Investigation in the sophomore year is accomplished by taking a series of interdisciplinary courses in the sciences and pharmaceutical industry investigations;
  3. Career Determination in the junior year is accomplished by completing a career assignment in the interdisciplinary course, Fundamentals of Pharmacy; and
  4. Career Implementation in the senior year includes the opportunity to complete of an internship in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, or business-to-business industries.

Career Opportunities

The Pharmaceutical Business major is preparing for entry into a highly specialized and unique industry.  Sales, marketing, and supply chain positions are the usual entry point into the industry.  Once gaining experience at this level, it is possible to advance into marketing, brand management, information systems, and other management positions.


In this multidisciplinary major, students will learn from faculty in many disciplines, including accounting, biology, business information systems, chemistry, economics, finance, management, and marketing. A Fundamentals of Pharmacy course will provide an overview of the industry from pharmacy faculty.

Program Learning Goals

Having completed a major in Pharmaceutical Business, the student will have the ability to:

  1. Apply science, marketing, management and information system knowledge to pharmaceutical business;
  2. Understand the marketplace factors that affect pharmaceutical business;
  3. Achieve competency in pharmaceutical business marketing including fundamental aspects of markets, consumer research, sales and promotion;
  4. Achieve competency in health care finance including key elements of budgeting, accounting, public/private financing, and revenue development;;
  5. Achieve competency in the economics of pharmaceutical business including fundamental concepts of industry structure, government policy, and legal/regulatory issues; and

 See Core Requirements for All Business Majors and General University Requirements.

Degree Requirements

Other courses 12 credit hours

BIO 101Basic Biology: Organisms

3 cr.

CHEM 101Modern Chemistry I

3 cr.

LAB/NSP XXXLaboratory Science or Natural Science Perspective

3 cr.

LAB/NSP XXXLaboratory Science or Natural Science Perspective

3-4 cr.

Total Credit Hours:12-13

Business Electives 6 credit hours

GEN XXXGeneral Elective

6 cr.

Total Credit Hours:6

Non business Electives 9 credit hours

GEN XXXGeneral Electives

9 cr.

Total Credit Hours:9

Required Pharmaceutical Business courses 18 credit hours

BUS 345Fundamentals of Pharmacy

3 cr.

EC 345The Pharmaceutical Business Environment

3 cr.

FIN 382Healthcare Finance

3 cr.

BIS 412Business Analytics with SAP

3 cr.

MK 317Promotional Strategy

3 cr.

MK 322Sales and Sales Management

3 cr.

MK 323Distribution Strategy

3 cr.


BIS 336Logistics/Physical Distribution

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:18

Total Credit Hours: 45-46