Catalogue 2017 - 2018

General Business Major

General Information

The program in General Business provides students with a broad exposure to the functional areas of business administration while permitting wide latitude in the selection of additional courses according to individual interests. Students will develop the skills and competencies necessary for success across the broad spectrum of business organizations.

Career Preparation

In order to help students understand careers available to General Business majors, faculty design activities to guide students from career exploration through career implementation. Examples of some of these include:

  1. Career Exploration in the freshman year is accomplished in MAN 101 through guest speakers from local businesses;
  2. Career Investigation in the sophomore year courses includes personality assessment linked to career choices in MK 200;
  3. Career Determination in the junior year engages students in resume review and mock interviews in MAN 323; and
  4. Career Implementation in the senior year involves a required internship and participation in discussion of career requirements and insights from internship placements in BUS 480.

Career Opportunities

General Business majors are prepared to enter the business world in entry level positions in corporations, agencies, or small business. Since their background is broad, they are later able to specialize either by entering graduate school or, more typically, by participating in training programs provided by employers.

For students interested in teaching business at the secondary school level, see the program of study listed under the major entitled Secondary Education-General Business Major.


Faculty in this major come from all departments in the College of Business.

Program Learning Goals

Having completed a major in General Business, the student will have the ability to:

  1. Understand and synthesize the basic concepts and theories of each functional area of a business that contribute to its overall success;
  2. Understand the key elements of professionalism and ethical conduct in businesses and other organizations;
  3. Demonstrate skill and competency in problem solving, decision making, and managing conflict; and
  4. Demonstrate skill and competency in establishing goals and leading people to work together toward the attainment of those goals.

See Core Requirements for All Business Majors and General University Requirements (83 credit hours)

Degree Requirements

Required Management and Business Law courses (12 credit hours)

BL 308Labor Management Relations

3 cr.

BL 424Business Law for Human Resource Management

3 cr.

MAN 323Human Resource Management

3 cr.

BUS 480Internship in Business

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:12

Electives (27 credit hours)

GEN XXXGeneral Electives

12 cr.

GEN XXXGeneral Electives

15 cr.

Total Credit Hours:27

Total Credit Hours: 39