Catalogue 2017 - 2018

Secondary Teacher Education Majors

Students may prepare for an Initial License to teach in the secondary schools (grades 8-12 in Massachusetts, 7-12 in other states) in the following programs: biology, chemistry, English, general business, history, and mathematics.

Students selecting this career option are required to satisfy all degree requirements for a Secondary Teacher Education major of their content focus. It is important for students to speak with their academic advisors early in their university careers if they intend to pursue this major.

Students considering this major are advised to consult with the Director of the Secondary Education Program as soon as possible. A student must register with the program by the second semester of the sophomore year. A student will be notified of acceptance into the program during the spring semester of the junior year.

Minimum eligibility requirements for acceptance into the program are:

  1. Submission of a Secondary Program Application during the second semester of sophomore year and a one-on-one meeting with the Director of the Secondary Education Program.
  2. Cumulative average of at least 2.80 in all courses, including a 2.80 average in the major field and in preliminary education courses.  Students must earn a minimum of "C" or higher in all ED coursework in order to be eligible for licensure recommendations.
  3. A recommendation from a faculty member in the student’s major department.
  4. Successful completion of two Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). The MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills Test and the MTEL Subject Matter Content Test must also be taken and passed by the spring semester of junior year. Appropriate review materials are offered on campus for students.

Under exceptional circumstances, a student with grade point averages below 2.80 may be admitted to the program by passing the MTEL tests, and meeting with the Education Department Chairperson to determine if a waiver is possible. 

The Secondary Education majors offer students the opportunity to prepare for the Massachusetts Initial License, which is valid for five years of employment. The Massachusetts Professional License is then required of graduates following three years of successful teaching experience and involves completion of a Performance Assessment Program or an appropriate master’s degree program.

Since ED 380, ED 403, ED 409, and ED 410 are offered in one block, students must keep the fall semester of their senior year open for these courses. The courses ED 301, PSY 304, and ED 403 each require 25 hours of field work. The course ED 409 requires a minimum of 300 hours in a full-time, field-based practicum.