Catalogue 2017 - 2018

Master of Science in Sport Leadership and Coaching


The low-residency Master of Science in Sport Leadership and Coaching (MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching) is designed to provide advanced sport management education to individuals seeking managerial and/or athletic coaching positions in sport organizations. The proposed sports leadership graduate degree provides students not only an in depth understanding of the core concepts necessary to run critical program functional areas like marketing, fund raising, player evaluation, and corporate sponsorship but also facilitates the development of analytical abilities required to make sound business decisions. It fosters a deeper understanding of leadership theory, organizational dynamics and team performance while exploring how individuals can motivate, build, and inspire a high performing team.

The MS in Sport Leadership features two one-week residencies, offered at the beginning of the program, and at the end of the program.  Each residency will be facilitated by a series of graduate courses that will be offered online, with optional in-class sessions. 

Program Learning Goals

A student will be able to:
  1. Understand theoretical foundations of leadership in the sport environment
  2. Identify leadership style including strengths and challenges for the purpose of developing individualized leadership development plan
  3. Understand the leader’s role in creating and managing a high performing team both on the field and in the administrative offices
  4. Develop understanding of sport governance, compliance and legal issues related to sport organizations
  5. Understand the sport organization as a business enterprise while learning effective approaches and techniques for developing and managing

    1. human resources – evaluating and recruiting both player and administrative personnel

    2. financial resources - fund raising, corporate sponsorship and other revenue streams
  6. Develop strategies to apply sport analytics principles in problem-solving and decision-making within the sport organization
  7. Develop and apply sport research skills
  8. Apply and practice sport leadership skills in mentored field experience either in a sport coaching or sport administrative setting

Admissions Standards

See graduate admissions requirements.

Academic Performance

The academic standards apply to students in the MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching program with the following exception:

Any student who receives two or more grades of “C+” or lower will be dismissed from the program.


The MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching consists of:

Degree Requirements

Summer Residency 1:  Taken with SPMN 631 and SPMN 635

Summer Residency 2:  Taken with SPMN 634

Leadership Foundations – 2 courses - 6 credits

2 Courses (6 credits) of the following leadership foundations graduate courses currently offered through the College of Business in support of the MBA and MS. in Organizational Leadership degrees.
MAN 600Foundations of Leadership Practice

3 cr.

MAN 605Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making

3 cr.

MAN 610Organizational Behavior and Theory

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:6

Mentored Field Experience and Research–Sport Industry Placement

SPMN 681Athletic Focus Profession Issues and Research Project

3 cr.

SPMN 682Coaching/Athletic Administration Mentored Field Experience

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:6

Sport Sequence

SPMN 631Sport Leadership and Maximizing Team Performance

3 cr.

SPMN 632Sport Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making

3 cr.

SPMN 633Compliance and Governance of Sport and Athletic Organizations

3 cr.

SPMN 634Sport Agency, Player Personnel Evaluation and Management

3 cr.

SPMN 635Resource Development and Program Promotion for Sport and Athletic Organizations

3 cr.

SPMN 6XXElective

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:18
Summer Residency 1: Taken with SPMN 631 and SPMN 635

Summer Residency 2: Taken with SPMN 634

Total Credit Hours: 30