Catalogue 2016 - 2017

ED 375 Elementary Curriculum and Methods


3 cr.


Enrollment in the Elementary Education Program or permission of instructor.

Course Description

This course places an emphasis on the development of concepts in mathematics, science, and social studies in grades 1-6. As a result of taking this course, students learn to balance direct elementary instruction with facilitated learning using physical models, manipulatives, and primary sources. Students demonstrate familiarity with current curriculum models and standards, instructional strategies, and instructional materials. Students complete lesson plans for curriculum units, using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as a resource, and plan and demonstrate math, science, and social studies lessons using appropriate manipulatives, technology, physical models, cooperative learning techniques, and various assessment tools. Student performance is assessed by quizzes, written assignments, lesson plan designs, and other content-specific assignments. Twenty-five hours of pre-practicum fieldwork at a local elementary school is required for students intending to complete the Elementary Education Major.


This course is a prerequisite.