Catalogue 2016 - 2017

ART 117 Painting with Volumes of Color II


3 cr.


ART 116

Course Description

This course allows students the opportunity to further develop their painting skills and understanding of painting undertaken in ART 116.  An ongoing dialog between professor and students will occur regarding the formal visual problems being taught, enabling ideas to become focused and clear. Through observation, artists’ learn through each other’s problems and solutions, in group critiques, as well as from constant individual critiques and demonstrations. Each artist moves freely to develop his/her own inner personal expression, through the formal placement of point, line, plane and sets of planes that become spatially related, manipulated on paper through the colors that create volume. The search for an architectural structure while working directly from a life (model) is the compositional problem of drawing, in that drawing is a "where" thing, (‘where’ objects exist in space in relation to each other). Artists will rely upon the ability of color to move space through the volume that color creates through the mixing of colors for exact temperature ranges. Constant references are made to other artists' work, where applicable; in order to continuously expand approaches and ideas. Visiting museums and galleries will take the place of at least two of the sessions, as well as working outdoors ‘en plein air.’ Part of this course involves museum visits to study specific original paintings.


every year.


Art supply fees $50.