Catalogue 2015 - 2016

Master of Business Administration

Managers today have to operate in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment, ready for any situation, good or bad, that requires skilled decision-making. Anticipating and responding to these changes in positive ways is what will distinguish the successful manager.

Program Learning Goals

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to develop and enhance the skills of those who hold or aspire to hold management responsibilities within organizations. Students attain a theoretical understanding and demonstrate a practical grasp of the management skills required to effectively negotiate a turbulent business environment. Knowledge and skills will be developed through theoretical study and experiential activities. Upon completion, successful students in the MBA program will be able to exhibit their knowledge of business and management in a global and multicultural context in the following ways:

Decision Making Skills and Problem Solving:

apply knowledge of the functional areas of business and integrative approaches for the development of solutions to organizational and management challenges.

Leadership Skills and Management Skills:

apply a variety of organizing, planning, controlling, team building, and communication skills necessary for effective management and leadership of organizations in globally diverse and dynamic environments.

Environmental Analysis:

demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate dynamic internal and external elements of the competitive global environment.

Ethics and Social Responsibility:

demonstrate an awareness of ethical considerations in the conduct of business and an appreciation of the importance of business ethics and social responsibility in the decision-making process.

Quantitative Analysis:  

demonstrate the ability to apply financial/quantitative analysis tools and models to solve business challenges in Accounting Finance, Business Operations, Marketing, and Strategic Management.

Technology Awareness:  

demonstrate familiarity with concepts in the application of technology to business problems and familiarity with technology tools in support of business problem solving and decision making

Admissions Standard

As an AACSB International accredited institution, the College of Business requires all applicants to satisfy specific core business knowledge requirements within six months of entry into the graduate business programs. This core knowledge includes an introductory understanding of accounting, finance, and quantitative methods. Additionally, coursework in the MBA program requires a moderate level of proficiency in computer skills, including the use of Microsoft Office (specifically Word and PowerPoint) and the Internet. Of particular importance is an above average knowledge of Excel software skills. Applicants must demonstrate competency in each of the areas mentioned above in one of the following ways:

  • Completion of an undergraduate business degree (typically ‘B’ (3.0) or better average with no grade below a ‘C’) in relevant core coursework.
  • Completion of relevant undergraduate coursework in the following areas with acceptable performance (typically ‘B’ (3.0) or better average with no grade below a ‘C’).
    • Accounting: financial reporting
    • Finance: introduction to corporate finance
    • Quantitative Methods: introduction to statistics
  • Completion of the Prerequisite Self Study modules available at Western New England University. Applicants may elect to complete self study modules that provide the necessary background to maximize the student’s graduate business education experience. The self study modules are designed to be accessed online, with no required classroom involvement. These modules provide students with access to the prerequisite content material, problem sets for practice, and diagnostic self assessments. Those electing to complete the self study modules will need to validate their learning by successfully passing a final test administered through the modules (notifying the College of Business to confirm exemption from prerequisite).
  • Applicants may enroll in the self study modules at any time during the year. The modules are self-paced.

Degree Requirements