Catalogue 2015 - 2016

How to Apply for Admission

Admission to all graduate degree programs at Western New England University requires an earned baccalaureate from an accredited college or university and additional materials as described below. Applicants to a number of the master’s programs may be admitted for any term on a rolling admissions basis. However, some graduate programs will have specific entry points for when candidates will begin their studies. Please reference the graduate studies website for further information. MEEE candidates who wish to complete the program in two years are encouraged to start during the fall term. This is due to the sequential offering of courses. The application process and admission to the JD and LLM programs in the School of Law are described in materials available directly from the School of Law.

Graduate Transfer Credit. Students who have earned graduate credit before they apply to Western New England University may request the transfer of a maximum of six credit hours for 30-credit master’s programs or 12 credit hours for master’s programs comprising at least 36 credits. The minimum required grade for transfer is B (3.0). Final award of graduate transfer credit is at the discretion of the dean responsible for the applicant’s degree program.

Credit Earned in Nondegree Graduate Status. Graduate credit earned at Western New England University in nondegree graduate status may be applied toward graduate degree requirements up to a normal limit of six credit hours. The minimum grade is B (3.0).

Time Limits. Accepted graduate credits may be applied toward graduate degree requirements for no more than eight years. For example, an acceptable graduate course completed in the fall term of 2015 counts toward graduation only until the end of the 2023 summer term.