Catalogue 2014 - 2015

HONB 450 Strategic Thinking and Action in Organization


3 cr.


BUS 301 or BUS 312 and BIS 310 or BIS 312, and acceptance into the Honors Program or consent of the Business Honors Coordinator. Can not be taken concurrently with BUS 301 or BUS 312.

Course Description

This honors strategy course expects students to go beyond a simple understanding of business strategy to more thoroughly examine strategic thought and practice. As such, the course involves a more demanding and rapid-pace than BUS 450 in the examination and application of strategic analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation undertaken in the development of organizational strategy. Students will critically examine the relationships and influences between environment, organizational structure, and strategy. Key learning outcomes include the application, examination, and evaluation of key elements in the strategic management process - including internal and external strategic analyses, traditional and non-traditional measures of organizational performance - and the basis and relevance of strategic management theories.


May not take HONB 450 and BUS 450 for credit. 

Can not be taken concurrently with BUS 301 or BUS 312.


in fall only.